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Acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicine

About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the most natural and holistic forms of healing and has been proven for decades to effectively aid in the treatment of many illnesses. Acupuncture is one of the Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities which promotes a balanced body that is in full harmony with the mind and spirit. Maintaining good health is based on the uninterrupted flow of Qi (pronounced chee) also referred to as a vital energy. When the flow of Qi is disrupted or blocked, it can manifest in pain, disease or sickness. Qi travels along pathways inside the body, known as meridians that connect to all major organs and extremities.

Acupuncture is done by inserting single-use, filiform, sterilized, stainless-steel needles (that are as fine as a human hair) into specific points located on the surface of the skin. Each point affects the healing abilities by altering various biochemical and physiological functions to address certain ailments. This method of healing is proven to control and adjust the flow of energy throughout the body into proper directions and encourages the body to promote natural healing and improve function.

Acupuncture can be combined with  herbal medicine, supplements, cupping and Tui Na massage.

Acupuncture can help treat :

- Drug and alcohol addiction 

- Smoke cessation

- Stress management

- Relieve pain   

- Boost immune system  

- Headache, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, depression and phobia

- Hormone imbalance , menstrual irregularities

- Women health, menopause symptoms, e.g. hot flashes, weight gain, mood change, etc.

- Allergy symptoms, asthma and motion sickness    

- Respiratory and digestive disorders

-  Support nutritional goals  

- Post chemotherapy/radiation symptoms, e.g poor appetite, nausea, fatigue, etc.

- Long term health and or emotional issues.

- And many other ailments such as Neuropathy, fibromyalgia, Bell's Palsy.

 How can acupuncture  help you? Contact us today to learn more.
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