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Lina Sleem-Ghannam, MSOM, L.Ac, NCCAOM

From a young age, Lina has been drawn to the natural and holistic side of health, based on her conviction that the human body, when balanced, is made to heal and mend itself.

Lina has been active in the medical and healthcare profession for over thirty years in various roles related to clinical and research laboratory, hospital and medical technology fields. Lina's practice is based on bridging the gap between Western and Alternative medicine. She strongly believe in wellness from early age by addressing imbalances in order to grow stronger and at a later age by addressing any health decline in order to age gracefully


As a clinical practitioner and licensed acupuncturist. Lina will address your health needs drawing on her clinical and life experiences along with her many years of education.

Lina received her bachelor of Science in Biological Science from the University of Maryland (College Park)  and  Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from  Acupuncture and Integrated Medicine College,   (AIMC) Berkeley.

Lina, the acupuncturist
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