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Caring and Healing


"More than any medical profession in my entire life, your dedication, compassion, curiosity, bedside manner, and encouragement have helped me improve my life drastically, and I'll never forget it or you."

-Hilary S.

"Lina is simply amazing! She knows her work, follows up on the needed treatment and continues to dig deeper to get the root of the issue and then treats it!"

-Eman S.

"I am a cancer survivor and I currently receive targeted chemo treatments. It is very important for me to integrate acupuncture as a regular health practice. Working with Lina for over a year has been beneficial in my well-being, boosting my immune system and addressing other health issues along the way. Lina provides compassionate self care".  Robin

"I was diagnose with Asthma (and allergies) at 6 months old.  I am now 60 yrs old and my asthma attacks (brought on by allergies) were getting worse. I suffered from wheezing, shortness of breath, running nose, and watery eyes. Tired of trying different drugs the had limit results, I gave Lina / Acupuncture a chance.

Ever-since I received a course of Acupuncture treatment from Lina, I have stop all allergy drugs, and cutback considerably on my asthma inhaler. I am very please! I then asked Lina for help with nail fungus, and yes, I can prove Acupuncture helped to clear this too. Today I am a firm believer in Lina / Acupuncture and would advise all to give it a try." Bradley

"I have been to Golden Circle Acupuncture several times and have had a great experience with each visit."

-Beth Q.

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